Author Fergus MacRoich explains “Why I Write” (VIDEO)


As a book reviewer with a high “power ranking” at and owner of this site, I get about 200 to 300 free books per year from writer’s all over the world seeking a review.

Last year I managed to read some 120 books, and ended up reviewing about 30 of them. Less than 30 actually deserved a review, but my philosophy is to take the good with the bad — whatever the case, there is usually just a handful of all those books that vividly jump out and stand as something special.

One recently was FRIED CHICKEN, JESUS AND CHOCOLATE by Fergus MacRoich. (See my review HERE).

So today I thought it would be illuminating to take a closer look at a guy who managed to pen an exceptional piece of literature, Fortunately, Mr. MacRoich has made that easy by posting the following video, “Why I Write.” Aspiring writers everywhere, pay attention!

4 thoughts on “Author Fergus MacRoich explains “Why I Write” (VIDEO)

  1. Ingerlise Karlsen

    Thank you Ken for this particular life story.

    I have read many books about what happened in Poland, Russia/Ukraine and Germany during WW2 and after the war ( before the war as likewise ). It is many more ( and similar ) stories as Fergus Mac Roich telling about. Remarkable by him ending up in Alaska in the end, is it not ?

    Anyway, it is remarkable HOW many individuals` managed to survive at all when experiencing such harsh conditions?
    It is demanding a strong mind to read about his life ( and to digest it ), such incomprehensible life story as Fergus MacROICH have lived. To me it is inconceivable because NOT to have experienced the same myself. I was born in 1945 in Scandinavia……a piece of cake !

    Thank you again Ken.
    Inger Lise.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Inger:

      And I had it even easier than you! I was born in 1959 in northern Minnesota (which is America’s Scandinavia, even though my family is of 100% Polish background.)

      But my wife is 100% Norwegian, so we have a good mixture here in my home. 🙂

      Anyway, thank you for your comments, and I agree Mr. MacRoich has had an extraordinary life. It’s part of what makes his writing so authentic, that and the flat out hard work of learning the skill and craft of writing, combined with some natural-born talent I suppose. I takes a lot to make a great writer.

      Also, the historic events of Europe in the previous century are mind boggling, are they not? What a mysterious and remarkable species we human beings are!

      1. Ingerlise Karlsen

        Thank you very much Ken. But believe in it or not, I do know Minnesota “is the land of Scandinavian relatives” and laughing…. how come a 100% polish guy is ending up among them ? You know the state of Washington, and especially Seattle, also became the homeland for the norwegians long ago.
        Really funny of you to have “a norwegian wife.”

        And yes, Europe (the old continent) has been a melting pot for the human tragedies…. but according to Jane Roberts and the Seth Books…. It is not what ” it seems to be “…. any of it !
        LOL, Inger Lise
        P.S. See you later on and please give my regards to your wife.


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