Double Murder In A Small Minnesota Town: A Devastating True Story


It would be difficult to imagine the emotional pain of a proud mother whose beloved first-born son committed a horrible act — killing his wife with a shotgun, and then turning the gun on himself in a small-town double murder-suicide. These events took place near the tiny town of Kennedy in the far northwest corner of Minnesota.

The author, EUNICE RICH, opens up her heart with almost unbelievable candor, letting everyone in to share the story of her shock and mind-numbing anguish over an event so terrible, it would have to be ranked as one of the worst possible nightmares any mother might have to live through.

JUDGE ME NOT is truly a remarkable book, and has many surprising elements that take it well beyond the story of how a normal, hard-working, loving family in the American Midwest was forced to confront a reality that’s too brutal for most people to even contemplate.

The author not only outlines the gruesome details of the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law, but takes the reader on a journey of spiritual healing that is quite unlike any other I have ever read before. It’s really a special book. It gets my highest recommendation.

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