The Bedbug Who Wouldn’t Bite Will Delight Children


Some of the best books are those that take commonly held beliefs, or an idea that’s generally agreed upon, and turn it all upside down. By doing this in a positive way you can often create a delightful situation that tweaks the imagination and tickles our inner impish, creative side.

That’s what accomplished Canadian writer MELODY RHODES has done in producing the charming, and just oh-so-super-sweet “THE BEDBUG WHO WOULDN’T BITE” series of children’s books. The main character, yes, is a bedbug. But before you conjure up an image of those creepy crawly little critters that have made a huge comeback in recent years – think instead of a fuzzy-wuzzy cute little guy who chooses to swim against the stream – he may be a bedbug, but he simply will not bite! He only has one goal: “Not to bite, but to sleep tight!” But wait! Maybe he has an additional goal – to be friends with your kids! (Everyone in unison now: “Awwwwwww.”)

Certainly this is bedtime book that will delight tots and even older children. Not only is it fun, sweet and cute, but also offers a chance to build child character and creativity And after all, the bedbug who won’t bite is making a choice to be nicer and friendlier – and that’s sets a great example.

Better yet, “THE BEDBUG WHO WOULDN’T BITE” literally jumps right off the page to play with your tykes because it comes with a cute, furry little bedbug toy that will be glad to snuggle into bed with your child. Lest I forget, bedbug has a friend – “Mouse” – another delightful character that adds dimension and form to the bedbug universe.

When you think about it, if a ghost can be friendly, as in Casper the Friendly Ghost, and a mouse can be a super hero, as in Mighty Mouse – why can’t a bedbug be averse to biting? Well, it can, and so the time for The Bedbug Who Wouldn’t Bite has arrived. (See also: BEDBUGS ON AMAZON

Ken Korczak is the author of: THE FAIRY REDEMPTION OF JUBAL CRANCH

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