UFOs, Orbs, Hippies, CSETI and More Make This ‘Under the Radar’ Book an instant classic: The Space Pen Club


Just when you think you’ve read every kind of UFO book on the market, along comes journalist Martin Keller who takes the genre and smashes it wide open.

The Space Pen Club is a UFO book unlike any other. Marvelously entertaining and multifaceted, it takes a deep dive behind the scenes of the UFO community.

As a reader of UFO lit for 50+ years now, I was astounded when I got to the last page of ‘Space Pen.’ I can’t think of another book on this topic that intersects with so many facets of “The Phenomenon” — cultural, political, scientific, theological and more.

This is easily among the best UFO offerings of the past decade. See my full review here: REVIEW: THE SPACE PEN CLUB by Martin Keller

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