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A Metaphysical Masterclass: A Bona Fide Counterculture Warrior Pens a Magnificent Book About His Adventures in Groovy ’60s Consciousness Exploration & Beyond

Wayne Saalman is the real deal. Coming of age in the Age of Aquarius, this certified counterculture “Dharma Bum” traveled the world in search of enlightenment and psychedelic experiences and more.

Saalman knew and interacted with some of the biggest hippy counterculture figures, from Dr. Timothy Leary to Terrence McKenna and author Robert Anton Wilson. This book is about a lot more than taking LSD — Saalman eventually left the psychotropic drug scene behind to continue his exploration into mind, consciousness and alternate realities using meditation and other techniques.

This is an amazingly entertaining and uplifting read that makes us believe magic is real. See our review here: https://medium.com/p/8a05246f4acb